AiS Challenge Team Abstract


Team Number: 53

School Name: Moriarty High School

Area of Science: Cryptology

Project Title: Cryptoanalysis



Cryptology is the art of encoding and decoding messages. Today, cryptology has become a very important topic. In the world there is a high security need to encrypt and decode messages. Through this expanding field of study, a project is formed. The purpose of this project is to design a program that decodes a message of any encryption method, without knowing the key code. This project will be difficult due to the increasing complexity of today’s encryption methods. This project will be important in today’s National Security Issues. There would be a great advantage if our country would be able to decode any secret information that we needed to know.

This is a very difficult project but it can be acomplished. To go about this you begin by studying messages that are encrypted . Then you need to set up a math model to encrypt messages in a new and or more efficient way. Next implement parallel processing to speed up encryption time. Finally the project can be extended by setting up a way to decode encryptions such as the one created.

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