AiS Challenge Team Abstract


Team Number: 058

School Name: Shiprock High School

Area of Science: Earth & Space Sciences

Project Title: Are We Alone?



The universe can be defined as an amazing, fascinating, and extraordinary object. The galaxy of our Milky Way is a relatively unexplored galaxy; therefore, the possibility of the presence of other life forms hidden in space remains a mystery. This would be the explanation and answer to the unusual life forms and objects visiting the planet earth and having no apparent identity.

Still, some things about the universe remain a question and a mystery that man hasnít seen, found, and answered. An extraterrestrial life form can help mankind to answer questions, to see and travel to new parts and locations, and gain more information about our galaxy.

Our purpose and results of this project would be to determine if we are alone in the universe and we hope to learn about extraterrestrial life. We plan to obtain information by reading, gathering, and obtaining facts about events and actions of extraterrestrial life forms visiting earth from stories of abductions, past history, and studying the stars of the night sky.

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