AiS Challenge Team Abstract


Team Number: 060

School Name: Shiprock High School

Area of Science: Microbiology

Project Title: Eve



Viral Mutation Billions of years ago, our planet was created. Not long after that, a living organism known as bacterium emerged and gave birth to Earth's first inhabitants. We actually owe our very lives to these microscopic "beings".

But also througout time, the bacteria have "evolved", so to speak. They have become more and more complex. Which gave rise to mankind's existance... man's life... and man's demise. Diseases such as Hepatitis, Auto Immune deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), Haunta Virus, the West Nile, and countless scores of viral infections have delevoped over the centuries. And in today's technologically advanced world, we still get infected. Numerous people die every minute of everyday, due to some type of V-Infection. Although many V-I's do have some type of treatment, a majority has no known cure. And the race continues day-by-agonizing day to find a cure for these viruses.

Most likely, the race will continue to find cures for millions of present and future infectious viral disease. The cause of this phenomenon lies within the virus themselves. They have the potential to do so. One thing that we would like to know is how and why they mutate. How does a simple, yet complex, creature grow and become a much larger "lethal nuicance" to its host?

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