AiS Challenge Team Abstract


Team Number: 068

School Name: Silver High School

Area of Science: Forestry

Project Title: It's Hot in Here



Project Definition:
Wildfires have been devastating the western part of United States over the past several summers. Some places that have burned are: Show Low, Arizona, Durango, Colorado, and Los Alamos, New Mexico. A wildfire is a sweeping and destructive conflagration especially in wilderness and rural areas. This program is constructed to evaluate the effect wildfires burning in woodland areas; these are commonly referred to as forest fires. The program takes the moisture content of the trees, tree type, tree density, slope of terrain, composition of the forest litter (i.e. pine cones, pine needles, and leaves), wind speed, and climate(such as temperature and rain fall) to produce a prediction on how the fire will behave, the temperature the fire will obtain, the velocity with which the fire burns through the area, the total amount of the burnt area, and the size of the flame.

Project Solution:
An equation is being formulated which calculates different variables including most or all the conditions of the environment to develop an accurate prediction in relations to the fire. Using information from the local weather stations, the USDA Forest Service office, and other community facilities (Department of Fish and Game Services, local rancher, ect.) are used to develop the equation in Java to calculate the behavior of the forest fire in the given area.

Progress to Date:
Data has been collected from Internet sources and the USDA Forest Service office. Information such as weather and forest conditions will also be collected. The programming language Java will be used to create the program calculations.

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