AiS Challenge Team Abstract


Team Number: 70

School Name: Silver High School

Area of Science: Artificial Intelligence

Project Title: Grosvenor: An Implementation of the Building Block Approach to Artificial Intelligence



The aim of this project is to create a pure software base for an artificial intelligence system based on the theory set forth in The Society of Mind (Minsky 1990) and The Emotion Machine (Minsky) and embark on a long term quest for advanced artificial intelligence. Grosvenor will provide a functional method for gathering and storing knowledge for later retrieval and interpretation (some of which may be preformed by Grosvenor). Knowledge will not be absolute, but relative, defined with respect to other pieces of information or the fundamental“building blocks” described by Minsky.

Grosvenor will be an entirely autonomous system, capable of discovering , storing, correlating and retrieving knowledge without human or other external intervention.

Grosvenor will also employ a synthesis of techniques to deal with knowledge and make assertions. In addition to the predicate calculus typically used, Grosvenor will employ concepts drawn from k-lines, neural networks and, most importantly, “spider” algorithms based on genetic algorithms (GA). Such “spider” algorithms will, with suitable training, provide abilities surpassing any pure logic system, in essence, giving Grosvenor the ability to learn from the past, thus providing more accurate conclusions and a degree of human-like “intuition”.

This project will be developed in C, C++, and possibly a logic language, such as PROLOG. The target architecture is a parallel, IA-32 or MIPS UNIX machine.

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