AiS Challenge Team Abstract


Team Number: 071

School Name: Southwest Secondary Learning Center

Area of Science: Engeneering

Project Title: Ventsim



The VENTSIM program can be applied advantageously to virtually any type of ventilation problem involving airflow in mines as well as other structures in need of artificial ventalation. This includes all aspects of flow in ventilation networks as well as the fans which produce flow. Moreover, the application encompasses both the design of ventilation systems for new mines and the solution to problems encountered in active mines.

With the aid of the VENTSIM program, those responsible for safe economical mine ventilation now can seek optimal solutions to problems associated with the design and operation of such systems. This is a dramatic departure from the practice of the past when solutions to ventilation problems had to be accepted, generally without knowing any more than that a possible solution had been found. Thus, the digital computer permits a range of solutions to be explored for selecting the solution that would meet the requirements at the lowest cost.

However this program is considered very outdated by todays standards considering it is writen in the old language of fortran 77. This poses a significant problem in light of the fact that data had to be entered into the program via punch-cards. Our goal is to rewrite this program in a newer more accessible language so that it can be used more widely and effectively.

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