To'hajiilee Team Abstract


Team Number: 072

School Name: To'hajiilee Community School

Area of Science: Environmental Science

Project Title: Water Contamination



Definition of Problem: The To'hajiilee Community water system is currently experiencing problems with contaminants such as bacteria and alkaline. In the past the contaminants caused the warning of community members by local officals to not use or mainly drink the water. Because of bacteria and alkaline contamination and the fear of a fatal illness, To'hajiilee Community residents have been forced to haul water for all needs by near by Albuquerque. We believe something needs to be done, therefore we would like to hold an investigation to measure and determine the leading contaminant of the community's water system.

Purpose of project: As To'hajiilee youth, we find our health important and for the sake and the over all future of our health we strongly feel that our water should be contaminant free. We understand that we have limited knowledge of health risks, however, we would like to attain further knowledge by sampling and investigating th community's water. In addition, our team has arranged to work with the Navajo Environmental Protection Agency, as well as our local Community Health Representatives to inform the communtiy about the water contaminants.

Plan of Action/Methodology: We will contact the Navajo Environmental Protection Agency, the Community health representatives, and local water systems analysts to find out information about any studies or past water samples that were taken since last year. We will identify the leading contaminant in our water and develop a mathematical problem concerning contaminant increase/decrease from each month. In addition, We would like to assist these environmental angencies in getting water samples and learn how to test and analyze the water sample procedures. Furthermore, we would like to publish a report with the supercomputing challenge on ouw findings and present it to our community.

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