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Directions to the AiS Challenge Expo and Awards Ceremony in Los Alamos

Participants are encouraged to approach Los Alamos from the East via NM 502. The directions below will guide you the rest of the way.

Participants Arriving Sunday Evening: To reach the Los Alamos Inn, or the Best Western Hilltop House Hotel, continue on NM 502 (towards Los Alamos) at the NM 502 / NM 4 junction. The Hilltop House Hotel is the building you see directly in front of you when you first get into town (see map below). The Los Alamos Inn is a bit further down the road on the left-hand side (see map below).

Los Alamos Inn

   Los Alamos Inn

  Address: 2201 Trinity Drive

  Phone: 662-7211 or 1-800-279-9279

  Web: http://www.losalamosinn.com/

Best Western Hilltop House Hotel

  Hilltop House Hotel

   Address: 400 Trinity Drive at Central Avenue

  Phone: 662-2441 or 1-800-462-0936

  Web: http://www.bestwesternlosalamos.com/

  Hotel Rules

To reach the Expo Monday morning, leave the hotel and head West on Trinity Drive (towards the mountains). Continue on Trinity, and take a left upon reaching the intersection with Diamond Drive. Follow Diamond Drive over the bridge, and take a right at the stoplight onto West Jemez Road. At the next stoplight (just past the fire station), turn right and head into the parking area immediately behind the fire station (see map below). Don't forget your parking permit!

Map of Los Alamos and Lab


Participants arriving Monday Morning: To reach the Awards Expo, continue on NM 4 (towards White Rock) at the NM 502 / NM 4 junction. Continue on NM 4 until the first stop light. Turn right here onto East Jemez Road (the truck route). Continue on East Jemez Road through the Diamond Drive intersection and turn right at the signal just past the fire station. Head into the parking area immediately behind the fire station (see map above). Don't forget your parking permit!

Motorola Building


Activities will take place in rooms 203 of the "Motorola Building" at the Los Alamos Research Park.

For questions about the Supercomputing Challenge, a 501(c)3 organization, contact us at: consult1516 @ supercomputingchallenge.org

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