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Judges will read all the final reports after they are turned in on April 2. During a telephone conference call on Wednesday, April 16, they will select about half a dozen teams as first-round finalists. These teams will present their work to the finalist judges in the morning of April 21. During the time that these teams are presenting to the finalist judges, all of the other teams will be making their 30 minute poster board presentations to the expo judges. At the completion of these presentations, a few more teams will be selected to make presentations to the finalist judges. All of the judges will meet together following the completion of judging to select first and second place, honorable mention, and other awards.

On April 21 the final judging for projects is held in Los Alamos. The AiS Challenge judging panel is made up of scientists and computer professionals who work in New Mexico's universities, government laboratories, and businesses. Teams are encouraged to write to Consult if they would like to discuss their work after judging is completed.

Finalists should bring the Display Board Presentation developed for the Expo to Final Judging. This gives the Judges another opportunity to study your work.

The finalist teams make 30-minute presentations of their projects to the full panel of judges on the day before the Awards Ceremony. During each finalist team's presentation, the various members of the team describe the project, demonstrating their teamwork and shared work responsibilities. See Preparing Effective Visual Aids.

There will need to be a few minutes remaining at the end of the 30-minute session to allow for questions from the judges. Try to imagine what questions the judges might ask. If you can't include that information in your presentation, be sure to prepare answers in case the questions are asked. Decide ahead of time what topics will be covered by which team members.

Teams will have connectivity to the Internet. A flip chart, VCR, overhead projector, PC and computer projection will be available. Each room has a white board. Teams need to let Consult know if they have special requirements. PowerPoint 2000 is the version that will be loaded on the PC. Teams are welcome to bring their own systems. Remember that software is generally upwardly compatible. Files created on older versions of PowerPoint will run on 2000 but files created on MS XP may not run on 2000.

Each team has 30 minutes before judging to prepare and make sure everything is working. A Consultant will be available to help iron out problems. At the end of the 30 minutes the judges will come into the room and judging will begin. At the end of the presentation and questions, the judges will move to the other room to judge the next team. Your team needs to get your presentation materials packed up and out so that the next team can get ready.

For questions about the Supercomputing Challenge, a 501(c)3 organization, contact us at: consult1516 @ supercomputingchallenge.org

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