AiS Challenge Team Interim


Team Number: 6

School Name: Alamogordo

Area of Science: Physics

Project Title: Golf Math



Golf Math

In our project, Golf Math, we intend to display the force and club necessary to get a perfect hole in one. We intend to incorporate gravitation pull, wind speed, air density, and the effects of a ball bouncing on different ground surfaces. We will start this project with modeling the effects of the golf clubs on the ball, the gravitational pull, and the force behind the hit. There are many different types of golf clubs, for example, there are irons, drivers, and wedges. There is also putters, however, we will not model the putter because we are modeling a hole in one scenario. We will use primarily drives, in some cases irons, but probably not wedges. Each golf club has a different angle, thus gettings its numbers. We will assume that the golfer will extert the same amount of force in any given situation. We intend to have several courses with brief descriptions of each hole stored in .dat files. Some of our golf courses will have 9 holes while others will have 18. We will store information in a text file for viewing later. The program will allow the user to pick a club, and the program will figure out how much force is needed to get the ball to the hole. Or, the program will run in 'optimum mode,' which means that the program will find the club the requires the least amount of energy to get a hole in one. We will have three classes, one for file input and output, another for interfacing with the user, and the last one for figuring out all of our equations. We intend to user either C++ or Java, but we have almost settled on C++.

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