AiS Challenge Team Interim


Team Number: 011

School Name: Albuquerque Academy

Area of Science: Urban Problems and Statistics

Project Title: City Traffic and Public Transportation Improvement Program



Project Description

Our project will attack main issues of cities transportation problems. Many problems in transportation plague the cities today. Mainly, large cities are harmed by huge amounts of people commuting in and out of town trying to get to work on time.

Not only are there innumerous amounts of commuters but also in the morning and evenings kids going to and from school can contribute to this pile up of rush hours. Additionally, sometimes potholes and undeveloped roads can cause a problem like for instance detours can make a 2-minute trip take an hour. How many times have you been stuck on the highway for 2 hours when where you work is 15 minutes away?

Many people wish to ride in their own cars instead of using a public transport system or carpooling, which can contribute to jams a lot. If we could get more people to carpool and use public transportation there would be fewer cars on the road. We thought about this and said that if it is almost impossible to improve the city road system because there was no room to build any new roads, the program would notify the user that it would be best if they make a car pool of public transportation incentive.

Progress to Date

In our project, we decided to create a control array. With this control array which will act kind of like a grid, users will be able to draw in their city. First, they would be able to input how big their city is. Then, with the numerous tools which we plan to make available to them, hey can input where there are unmovable structure and such (like rivers, buildings, etc.) and then put in where there are roads and other public transportations. They can then also then input where there are residential neighborhoods and the population of those neighborhoods. They can do the same thing with densely pack commercial areas. They don't have to input the roads in those areas because it would be way too hard to improve those areas. They would only have to input the entrances and exits of the "high building density areas."

Currently, we have planned out how we want to make the program, though we may not be able to finish the whole program by the time we submit the final report. We have started to plan out how it will look and learned more Visual Basic. We have learned how to use and make control arrays and are planning how o integrate them into our program.

Work Remaining

A few questions have popped into our heads to ask an Albuquerque city traffic specialist because we couldn't find their answers on the internet. Here are a few questions we plan to ask him.

We hope to have these questions and more answered after winter break.


So far, we feel that we have progressed far and believe this will be a great learning experience. We are optimistic and hope to have at least two-thirds of the program done.

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