AiS Challenge Team Interim


Team Number: 17

School Name: Amy Biehl Charter High School

Area of Science: Biology/Automotive Engineering

Project Title: The Effects of Solar Energy Cars on Lung Disease in America



Project Definition: If all cars were replaced by hybrid or completely electric vehicles, how would the percentage of related lung disease go down and how long would it take?

Progress to date: We have completed almost all the research we would require, except for the statistics of how many lung diseases are directly related to car exhaust. We also need to start on our math model. We have not found the decay rates of the major five chemicals that cars give off that are harmful to humans. We are going to compare the move from carborators to fuel injectors over a 50 year period to the move from internal combustion engines to electric and hybrid.

Project Solution: The way we intend to answer our one major question is to find the statistics for the amount of each pollution is in the air and then find the ones that can cause illness. Then we~Rll use this information to find out how many illnesses are caused by those chemicals and compounds and how quickly they decrease to make our math model and then write our computer program.

Expected outcome: Our expected results are that after the decay time for the chemicals in the air to decompose, the amounts of new illnesses will level out, but until then they should go down at a steady rate each year.

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