AiS Challenge Team Interim


Team Number: 144

School Name: Bloomfield High School

Area of Science: Health

Project Title: Up In Smoke!


Through our research we have found that cigarettes contains 8 to 20 milligrams of nicotine (depending on the brand) and that one-milligram is actually absorbed in your body when you smoke one cigarette. Nicotine does not stay in you body for too long it has half-life of about 60 minutes so about 0.031 milligrams of the milligram of nicotine the person who has smoke remains in his/her body. We also found out that some people have genetic defect in the enzymes in their liver that breaks down nicotine,which causes people to act differently to metabolize nicotine at different rates.

We found that tobacco kills more than 430,000 US citizens each year an it only takes 10 seconds for cigarette smoke to reach your brain. 3,00 students under the age of 18 start each year. If a child's parents both smoke it is about equal as if that child is smoking up to 60 to 150 cigarettes a year. Also 75% of teenagers who smoke have parents that smoke. Some young children under the age of five develop a food allergy when they are exposed to smoke.

Tobacco companies have spent about $9.57 billion dollars on advertising and promoting their product in the year of 2000. In one hour they will have spent about 1 million just by advertising. Licorice and cocoa are two ingredients that act as brochodilators, which cause you to inhale more smoke so that nicotine gets further into your body. It has also been proven that people who smoke go to the hospital twice as much as a normal person who does not smoke.

In most all tobacco it contains 4,000 chemicals and also includes 200 know poisons. United States people alone smoke 1.4 billion cigarettes each day. This represents 70 million cigarettes packages. In a single day just the leftover butts and filters for all of these cirgarettes would stretch 27,600 miles, which is enough to circle the entire earth if you places them end-to-end. In the last twenty years cigarettes sales have gone up from 100,000 million to over 400,000 million.

One tree is consumed for every 300 cigarettes produced. The duty free shops in the international airport sells as many as 8.2 million cigarettes every minute.

In our program we will try to illustrate how many cigarettes you would need to smoke to cause death even to nonsmokers and athletic types of people. Then we are also using supercomputer to find how many will be sold in five to fifteen years and how many people will die in the process.

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