AiS Challenge Team Abstract


Team Number: 026

School Name: Cliff High School

Area of Science: Enviormental Science

Project Title: Water Chemistry in Gila




When testing the health of a river a person tests many variables. Two of these variables are Nitrogen and Phosphorus. Nitrogen and Phosphorus must be tested rather quickly after collection to get accurate results. This can be a problem when you are out working in the field or other places where you may not want to take your equipment or donít have any batteries. We are trying to devise a formula that you can use to calculate what the nitrogen or phosphorus would be after a couple of days based on other variables. We plan to use Temperature and ph and others if we see that they change the level of either nitrogen or phosphorus. So far we have collected data from 2 sites and plan to do most of our testing from the gila. We have not yet come up with a mathmatical formula.

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