AiS Challenge Team Interim Report


Team Number: 027

School Name: Clovis High School

Area of Science: Explosives

Project Title: Exploring Shrapnel of Explosions



Problem Defenition: The point of our project is to find out how far the
particles of a bomb are at a certain time. The particles do not have to
have the same ammout of velocity at any time, nor do they have to be even
in size. The particles however will be same in size in our program. 

Problem Solution: A program is currently under development where the user,
inputs the velocity & X-axis cordinantes, along with the total time & time
intervals. Then in turn out-putting the distance from the point of
explosion on the X-axis to the current distance at a certain time.

Progress to Date: We currently have our prgram up and running and can be
viewed at  In our
program, it is only on the X-axis and we are currently working on adding
the Y-axix, and hopefully the Z-axis.  We ar currently working on finding
a graphics program that will be able to simulate the explosion of the
device.  Due to lack of participation and effort concering some of our
team members, we are a little behind, but we are catching up, we have also
dropped those members who show a lack of interest in our work.

Expected Results: A program that can show particles of an explosion on the
X, Y, and Z-axis' and display distance from the point on X, Y, and Z-axis'
from the point of the ecplosion. Also a graphics program the will give a
good simulation of our program.

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