AiS Challenge Team Interim


Team Number: 28

School Name: Clovis High School

Area of Science: Computer Information System

Project Title: Computer Game (Fruit are Fruits Game)



Computer Game

Introduction: Children face many challenges in their life. They experience different scenarios as they age. One of the scenarios includes accepting one another's diversity.

We chose to tackle the problem of accepting each other's diveristy by creating a game that would be subjected to children ages 5-7 that could foster the thoughts of equality.

It is often said in the news that violence in games begets violence in the player's life. Using this principal that the games a child is subjected to influences their lives, we set out to develope this educational computer game and record reactions in thie test groups. We then plan on incorporating their feedback to see how it has affected them.

Problem Statement: We have a three-fold problem:

The first problem is to make the game itself using utilizing Visual C++. We have a demo given to us by Wayne Sikes and are expanding on the demo while learning more about Visual C++ in the process. We have two programmers who are beginners at Visual C++ but know a fair amount of C++. Certain aspects of Visual C++ still baffle us, but we have books on Visual C++ to help us out. We are working on the code with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET.

The second problem is to create user-friendly graphics. We received suggestions about making a text-based game. It is less difficult, but even many high schoolers will lose interest in a text based game, much less preschoolers. We have two artists who are illustrating background images and sprites for the game. We are using Adobe Photoshop for the graphics.

The third problem is demographics of the effectiveness of what we have accomplished. This will not be accomplished until we have distributed the game. We have not decided on the control parameters for the demographic study.

Method of Solution: For Stage One (code developement), we plan on having a fixed background with moving sprites with simple animations. As we familiarize ourselves with the Visual C++, we will incorporate more complex storylines. We have members working on storyboards for that phase.

For Stage Two, we plan on testing the game extensively, first using ourselves, peers, relatives, and teachers before we distribute it to the target population.

For Stage Three, we plan on distributing it to the target population and do extensive demographic studies.

Results: No results yet.

Conclusion: No Conclusion yet.

Here is a sample of a fraction of the code we have done:

#define		AISGAMEAPP_H	

#IF _MSC_VER > 1000
#pragma once
#endif // _MSC_VER > 1000
#ifndef __AFXWIN_H__
	#error include 'stdafx.h' before including this file for PCH

#include "resource.h"
#include "ddutil.h"
#include "mainfrm.h"
#include "UsageDialog.'H




typedef enum

typedef struct	AnimTag

	DWORD			dwWalkFrameTime;

	int 			XWalkTranslateTime;

	int			XWalkTranslate;
		// x-axis walk increment
	int			StartXPos;
		//starting X and Y position of this sprite
	int			StartYPos;

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