AiS Challenge Team Interim Report


Team Number: 030

School Name: Clovis High School

Area of Science: Music Theory and Mathematics

Project Title: The Exploration Concerning The Precepts Of Music Theory/Composition and the Corrolation of Musical Patterns and the Mathematical Concepts Contained Within



Ais Interim
Problem Definition:
	Given the inherently mathematical nature of music we want to 
attempt to restate its common laws and determine if and if so how the 
precepts have changed through time.  Music has been defined by many 
through the analysis of the works of famous composers.  The rules of 
harmony and melody were codified based on the works of Johann Sebastian 
Bach and remain the basis for studies of theory.  Our goal is to define 
music within mathematical principles.  By doing this we hope to have a 
computer program to respon musically to a users input.
Progress to Date:
	We have done a great deal of research most of which are college 
theses of MIT.  We have also found a particular website that will 
provide a great deal of reference material.  We have located a  mentor who 
seems to be very interested in what we have been doing.  He was a  
challenge participant a couple of years ago.  He also has some 
very interesting ideas which might actually redirect us to a new position 
of our problem.  We have developed a plan to start coding music and have 
contemplated a set of musical rules(this is still being argued upon) to 
set within our program.  We have had a late start and some member 
changes which have slowed us down greatly.  But eventhough most everything 
is in the planning stages, we are determined to solve our problems.

Expected Results:
	When we are finished we hope to generate a program that will 
create a harmony with an actual build up of chords.  For example when the 
note in the melody is "do" the chord build up of the harmony will be "do, 
mi, sol" or the basic tonic triad.  For the second part of the program a 
set of rules will allow a computer to create a musical answer to a question 

Ais Interim

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