AiS Challenge Team Interim

Team Number: 041

School Name: Lovington High School

Area of Science: Biology/Artificial Intelligence

Project Title: Deer Evolution through Natural Selection

Deer Evolution Through Natural Selection

Ais Challenge
Interim Report
December 16, 2002

Table of Contents

Executive Summary
Problem statement
The Program
Future Plans

Executive Summary

       According to many scientific theories evolution has occurred in many species, including deer. We have seen many changes in the development of the current day deer. One theory is that deer are not finished evolving, and will change even more. One way that they will change is through natural selection. Natural Selection is the “natural” way deer mate, such as the largest male or the fastest male. We plan to regenerate this process through our computer project using C+ +.
       Hundreds, if not thousands, of deer are killed every year. This is how we, the human race, maintain population. What if the deer became harder to kill? What if their population grew more intelligent than we would ever imagine? Using Natural Selection this may be the situation we become trapped in. Soon the deer population will become stronger, smarter, and all together harder to maintain. The deer population will multiply and perhaps claim and destroy all territory. We will generate this example of evolution to show how a female will choose her mate in a few years to help create a generation of “Super Deer”. Being extremely prejudice in her selection, she will make sure no weaknesses are apparent. Once the perfect mate is found, the mating process will create a smarter, and stronger generation. Not quite perfected, the new generation will seek a new mate and seek the same ideal standards as her mother did. The process will be repeated until all imperfections are terminated forever.


       To begin this project our team was not very fluent in the programming language C+ +. Two of our members knew to some degree C+ +. After these members brought the two newer members up to pace of what they knew they were ready to began the project.
       After many days in the High School Tech Lab our team began to develop a report. The report did not take very long for us, but creating a program using the newly learned language was quite difficult. However, with much help from mentors and teachers a programmed eventually developed.

Problem Statement

       The purpose of this project is to create a computer program that may generate the possibility of deer evolution using natural selection. There will be many characters that will interact. One character will be a hunter trying to destroy the deer population. The other characters will be deer that will find each other and mate to help create the strongest population known to man.


None at the moment.

The Program

To be written at a later date.

Future Plan

At the moment we only plan on completing our program and having it run smoothly.


Conclusions cannot be drawn at this time.


Wayen Sikes, Mentor
Mrs. Gray, Tech Lab Facilitator
Mr. Crawford, Tech Lab Facilitator


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