AiS Challenge Team Abstract


Team Number:42

School Name:Lovington High School

Area of Science:Engineering

Project Title:Advanced Energy Collection



Project Definition:

We seek to solve the energy crisis using current solar technologies. If we are successful we will have a permanent energy source that does not cause ecological damage and can be modified to supply the appropriate amount of energy and easily upgraded.

Plan to Solve the Problem Computationally:

We seek to incorporate into our plans the ability to change the angle at which the panels are, by doing so we hope to increase the energy production of the system. It will be necessary to experiment and discover what angle from the sun is most beneficial. We can then create a program that will allow the solar panels to rotate on motors to select pre-set angles and then change marginally to discover the best angle for it's longitude and latitude.

Progress to Date:

As of December 20, 2002 we have looked into current solar technologies that would be best for this project, trying to find what variety has the longest life span, and the greatest energy production per space consumed.

Expected Results:

We expect to provide the plans for a competitive solar power production facility that would take less then the predicted 9% of Nevada to provide the United States with all the energy necessary to power it.

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