AiS Challenge Team Interim

Team Number: 045

School Name: Manzano High School

Area of Science: Fire Math

Project Title: Fire Age (Name Pending)

   Fire, of the elements, is perhaps the most difficult to explain. Considering this, fires primary action is the destruction of the other four elements. Fire evaporates water, torches earth, burns wood, and melts metal. This, typically, is all that fire can or will do. Though, fire can be much more destructive; for instance: Fire will start small, but if not contained will spread. The spreading fire will cover more area in time. This fire can eventually spread far enough to become a 'fire of mass destruction,' burning the majority population of a forest, or large sections of buildings. Fortunately local fire departments can send out 'troops' to contain the fire with force. But unfortunately, often, this does not occur within enough time to force out the fire so easily. Thusly, more men are sent out from more sides, water is dumped onto the fire from above in hope of extinguishing it.

   The purpose of our project is to calculate the rate fire spreads. We intend to take it to levels higher then that, including the altitude, climate, growth in the area, and other information on the area. Our final project should include a simulation based off of user input. The output will include the algorithmic results along with the time and location of the inputted fire. If this is concluded with enough time, we wish to include a GUI system that will be based off of the same user input, but a topographical map as well.

   This simulation will be difficult to create. There are many algorithms that will need to be calculated before anything else can be done. This is the current state we are in. We are collecting data that will be used in our final simulation. Some of this data is very hard to gather for the simple reason that testing of fire is not possible by any standard means. We have previously learnt that not many people have put effort into studying fire as it occurs, and starting a massive fire for studying it would result in severe punishment. Aside from this, there is a large amount of chaos math involved.

   We do realize that this is a very difficult project. We decided to do such a difficult project because not only are we both already very skilled in multiple programming languages and math, but it is something that we have not seen before. More specifically between the two of us we are familiar with high levels of algebra and above, and the languages: C++, Visual Basic, Assembly, and some others that may not be used as highly in this project. The majority of the coding should be in C++, with the high levels of math in assembly. If we get as far as we hope to we will use Visual Basic for the GUI.

   We at this time have not had any help from mentors. However, we have spent many hours in front of computers doing research. So we at this time would like to thank the miscellaneous small sites with little bits of information that have or will prove useful. Also the Manzano computers with provided high-speed Internet access. And, what has probably proven to be most useful, caffeine, for allowing us to remain conscious far into the night.

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