AiS Challenge Team Interim


Team Number: 057

School Name: Sandia Preparatory School

Area of Science: Physics/Mathematics

Project Title: Monte Carlo Simulations on Toxin Propagation



Progress has been fairly slow due to the college application process. This project has not fallen to a standstill, though, and after the holiday season more time will be allotted for it.

Presently, research is continuing on the Monte Carlo method, and the adaptations that will need to be made for this project. In January, research will commence on finding an appropriate toxin to model. This toxin should be of relatively simple construction, but also something that presents a real concern in our lives. Pesticides and pollutants would be a good bet.

Currently, this team is yet to find a mentor. After the holidays however, there are many people known who may be able to offer their services as mentors. It would be ideal to have one or two mentors whose specialties include Monte Carlo modeling as well as programming.

As well as the research that is going in to the premise of the project at hand, there is an effort being made on the programming front. The team's experience in programming is five years of C++, but no formal classes or training done in the past three. Needless to say, some 'brushing up' will be necessary. But another issue presents itself: and that is to see if programming the project in Java would give any advantage over C++. This team has no experience in Java, so obviously more of an effort must be put forth, but the process would be greatly eased with a mentor in the subject.

These are just some of the ideas being grappled with by team #57 as of now. There will be a great opportunity to accelerate this process come January, and hopefully the majority of the work will be completed at that time.

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