AiS Challenge Team Interim


Team Number: 065

School Name: Shiprock High School

Area of Science: Behavioral and Social Sciences

Project Title: Does the Supernatural Exist?



This is an update of our project. We haven't quite found a mentor for our project. The reason for this is that there are not that many people who study these paranormal experiences. There are many "non believers" but we have looked on the web for some names, and we did find some; however, these people aren't within a 100 mile distance. We have found ghost hunters, scientists from various universities, and students who are interested in paranormal activity. We have not contacted any people because of personal and safety reasons. We have lots of information from previous experiences that people have had. We also have a few personal experiences together. However, we still are looking for more information to make our project more accurate. This is not really a scientific project because not many scientists believe that the paranormal really do exist, or that they are just figments of the imagination.

We have started gathering information on this project by writing up individual paranormal experiences. So far, we have gathered twenty paranormal reports, which, to our surprise, some of the reports have occurred in our own school and in our community.

One example is a paranormal report experienced by one of our own teachers/ coaches and a student. It occurred in the coach's office located in the gym, where he claims that all of a sudden the trash can started to shake. When the coach got up to check, the door slammed shut in his face, and the last thing they heard was little children's laughter and footsteps running across gymnasium floor. He did run out to check, but nothing was in the gymnasium except for him and his companions.

The existence of ghosts has been debated for centuries. It is only in modern times with technology having advanced to its current stage that we may now capture on film and audio what many believe to be images of the supernatural. The questions of why some can and yet others cannot see or sense the presence of these entities has been contested with numerous theories both for and against the subject of spirits. One such cause for speculation is do children see and sense what many adults either cannot or will not see?

One theory is that children have not had years to adjust their thinking and have not had the time to train themselves as to what to accept or not accept as reality like adults have. Adults program their thinking and consequently refuse certain images, noises, and feeling as real simply because in our minds we cannot accept impossible or unproven science.

Could this be why some people are able to accept the supernatural with an open mind and yet others cannot? Does the door get shut at childhood or can it remain open? This is just one of the many theories used to explain why children see more of the ghostlike world than adults do.

Stories and legends about ghosts have been told in many cultures since ancient times.

Today, ghost stories are recounted around campfires, at slumber parties and on Halloween. Haunting are popular themes in books, and movies seem to bring them to life. Some people believe ghosts are everywhere; others don't think they exist at all. Come learn about the world of restless spirits that may, or may not, wander the Earth.

Our project is on its way, and we're sure we will have an intense project when we're done. We are hoping to get some real indication on these ghosts by video camera, digital camera, and also other devices that have to do with tracking paranormal beings.

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