AiS Challenge Team Interim


Team Number: 075

School Name: Yucca Jr. High

Area of Science: Environmental

Project Title: Endangered Species- Mexican Gray Wolf

We are trying to solve the problem of the endangerment of the Mexican Grey (or gray) Wolf and want to find ways to raise public awareness about it.

To this date we have collected the following data: the life span of wolves in the wild, the life span of wolves in captivity, how many pups can be produced in a litter, the life span of their prey, reintroduction successes, and areas where the Mexican Grey wolf has lived with ease. We plan to place the information we gathered under StarLogo "rabbits". The reason for this is because when the data is finished a person will be able to enter in a certain year and the computer will show the population of the wolf at the time asked for.

People need to realize the importance of saving endangered species. Helping the Mexican Grey Wolf become more abundant in North America will bring balance to the ecosystem.

We want to gather more data to help us understand the disappearance of the Mexican Grey wolf.

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