AiS Challenge Team Interim

Team Number:77

School Name: Yucca Junior High School

Area of Science: Engineering

Project Title: Nanotechnology

What is a smart house?

A smart house is a house that has computer throughout the house that will help its inhabitants (chores, waking them up, plan and prepare meals, get to work/school, look after things while gone, security, maintenance, information,). Functional limitations of the house might be loss of memory or disability (Like when a computer game just all of a sudden freezes up) But this can be avoided by a back up system. The house could also technology built be uses for entertainment like telephones, TV and radio throughout the house, web browsing throughout the house with a built in computer system. In the information we have the house are suppose to use Copper wiring to thread it through the house for the power. In the near future there Are suppose to be fuel cell to power their houses but the prices are enormous 10 billion-dollar.

Our Problem to date:

We have started to make a mathematical model; also we have planned to build a model of a smart house. We have also found a lot of information in a particular web site called

Expected results:

We are trying to build a model to see if it works or not and if it does then send it off to see if it can be built I real life.

Bibliography: Our sources are,,,,, and

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