AiS Challenge Project Evaluations- Alamogordo

The Evaluations will be at Alamogordo High School in rooms 308, the computer lab, and 313, a classroom which is directly across the hall.

Directions to Alamogordo High School from the north
For those coming for Los Alamos, Albuquerque. Use I-25 south as you go through Soccoro, to the San Antonio exit US360, drive until you get to Carrizozo, you will see a blinking yellow light, that is the intersection of US54 and US360. At the light, make a right turn. Follow the highway all the way to Alamogordo. You will go through Tularosa, Alamogordo is another 13 miles.

Alamogordo High is on the other side of the city, so you will be driving through a maze of traffic lights. Starting at the truck by-pass, count until you get to 6, as you go through the 5th light, get into the left lane. At the 6th traffic light is the intersection of First Street and White Sands Blvd. Make a left turn. Landmarks will be an Allups on the northeast corner, Peter Piper Pizza on the southeast corner as you look left. Stay in the left lane on First Street. There are two sets of traffic light on this street, drive through both of them, as you drive through the second light, look left you will an elementary school and the backside of the high school keep driving until to reach Cuba Avenue. Landmark is the Sertoma Bingo Parlor and the Catholic Cemetery on the right. Left turn on to Cuba. Drive until you come to the faculty parking lot on the north side front of the school. You will see the football stadium. Turn into the second driveway. DO NOT go past the chain link fence. Albert Simon will be in front of the school.

Directions to Alamogordo High School from Las Cruces
Take US70 east as you arrive in Alamogordo, it is a 6 lane highway, drive in the middle lane until you have driven over the overpass then get into the far right lane. The highway narrows at New York Ave, stay in the right lane it is a forced right turn. Landmark 21 Century real estate office and you can see WalMart. Drive until you will see a cross street, that is First Street, again stay to the right, it is another forced right. Be careful not to go to far right before you get to the cross street, you will end up in the WalMart parking lot. Continue down First Street east, you will see a traffic light. After you past the traffic light, get into the left lane. You will come upon a second traffic light. After you past the second light and have driven about a block, on the left you should see an elementary school and the back of the high school. Continue on until you get to Cuba Ave. Landmarks--right is the Catholic Cemetery, left is the Sertoma Bingo Parlor. It is a left onto Cuba Ave. Drive until get to the chain link fence, the parking lot south of the fence is the faculty parking lot. Albert Simon will be standing in front of the school.