AiS Challenge Project Evaluations - SJC

The Evaluations will be in the Computer Science Building, in rooms 7127, 7128, 7133, and 7237. The address is 4601 College Blvd. Take the second entrance (Sunrise Parkway) and turn left at the four-way stop sign. The first right-hand turn will put you in the parking lot. You will soon see a building with a copper colored roof, that is the Computer Science Building.

See the San Juan College virtual tour (best viewed with Internet Explorer) and the Computer Science Building, (and the rooms).

Directions to Koogler Middle School, 455 North Light Plant Road Aztec, NM 87410.

Traveling north on 550 into Aztec, turn left on 516 (Aztec Boulevard) then turn right on 574 (Light Plant Road). Park on Lydia Ripey Rd (that is the road that runs beside will come to that road before you pass the school). You will turn left off of N Light Plant Rd onto Lydia Ripey will see a round building on the right...park outside the fence by that building...the room number is 507, it is in the round building. You need to go to the office so that you can sign in...then the presentations can begin.