Glorieta Kickoff Conference

The Kickoff Conference at the Glorieta Conference Center will be held on November 2-4. Glorieta is located at exit 299 on I-25, 15 miles north of Santa Fe.

Two sessions will be held. Schools that are farther than one hundred miles from Glorieta will attend the first session on November 2 and 3, while the schools within one hundred miles attend the second session on November 3 and 4. For each student and teacher attending Glorieta, room and board will be provided for by the AiS Challenge.

The Glorieta schedule and the rules while at Glorieta, and a map of Glorieta, or see the highlighted map showing the areas at Glorieta that we will be using.

Steps to participate in the AiS Challenge

  1. Read the Invitation to Particpate in the 14th Annual New Mexico Adventures in Supercomputing Challenge.
  2. Register Online (Deadline September 29th)
  3. Understand the AUP — the Acceptable Use Policy.
  4. Mail in the TEAF (pdf file) or (HTML file) — the Team Entry Authorization Form - Deadline October 14. (Address to mail to at bottom of file)
  5. $30 Registration fee due for each student participating in the program. (Send with the TEAF- Deadline October 14.
  6. Learn about the Kickoff — the activities, rules, and expectations (i.e. keep reading below! And watch this web page as it will be updated frequently until the Kickoff.)
  7. Prepare your Abstract — you must bring one with you to the kickoff. See Abstract hints An Abstract template is to be filled out for each team.
  8. Look into the Future by browsing through the important dates

To learn more about previous year's kickoffs, visit our archive