House Rules for School Groups - Hilltop House Hotel

Welcome! Thank you for choosing the Best Western Hilltop House Hotel to accommodate your group while you are in Los Alamos. To ensure the safety and comfort of all of the guests that are staying at our hotel during this time, we have created some guidelines. As the adults responsible for the safety and welfare of the children, we think that you will find these rules helpful. Please take a moment to review them and share the information with your team members.
1. There is a dress code for the food and beverage outlets in the hotel. Please make sure that your students comply with the dress code. Please emphasize to them the requirement to wear a shirt and shoes while dining in the food and beverage outlets.

2. Please educate your students about the serious dangers and inconvenience that can be caused from an intentional false fire alarm. Fire alarms are for true emergencies only. Any false alarm will be investigated by the fire department and the cost of responding to an intentional false alarm will be passed on to the person(s) responsible for the false alarm.

3. We have found that a 10:00 P.M. curfew for children under the age of 18 is very helpful for their safety and for the appropriate operation of the hotel. Please help us to enforce this curfew.

4. Running, shouting, horseplay, and roughhousing are never acceptable behavior while on the hotel property. This includes hallways, lobby areas, stairwells, and hotel rooms.

5. It is our preference that your any sports equipment not be brought into the hotel. Baseballs, soccer balls, bats, etc. naturally tend to attract the attention of children and can be serious safety hazards inside the hotel for both the child using the equipment and for other guests of the hotel.

6. If your students wear shoes with cleats please ask them to put their cleats on once they have left the hotel. Cleats create serious damage to the interior of the hotel and can cause safety hazards by tearing carpets, etc.

7. Please educate your students about elevators and how to use them properly and that horseplay in elevators is not only dangerous but creates a serious inconvenience for all guests because it interferes with the efficient operation of the elevators.

8. Pool towels are available at the front desk. Accordingly, please notify your group not to remove towels from the rooms for use at the pool.

9. Please help us to enforce the pool hours and the safety rules and regulations that are posted at the pool. All children must be accompanied by an adult while in the pool area.

10. Children are not allowed in the sauna and spa rooms.