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School Name:
Alamogordo High School

Team Members:
Jesus O. Lopez
Christopher J. Herrera

We are in the process of developing a solution to a problem in quantum physics, which is the photoelectric effect. In the photoelectric effect, it is stated that when ultraviolet rays, which are electrons, hit a metal object, they rebound and disperse. We wish to observe which metal object will cause the electrons to bounce at a faster rate. Since the photoelectric effect states that any given frequency of UV rays shot at the metal object, then it is said that the electrons will rebound in the same amount that was originally shot. We wish to discover a way to collect this energy for use without losing any electrons.

The purpose of this project is to find a way to collect the electrons that have been bounced off of a metal surface and find the effect that different types of metals have on the amount of electrons rebounded. We want to know if factors such as the type or color of metal affect the rebounding of electrons and see if there is a change in how the electrons are being bounced back.

We will start by trying to figure out where to find a low output UV generator. A high output generator is too dangerous because of the risk of bodily damage. We plan to acquire a device that will shoot the electrons at the metal plates and collect all of the residual electrons that come from are bounced off the metal. We will use four different types of metal: copper, steel, iron, and bronze to find out if color or texture is related to the behavior of the electrons. We will write a java program that will employ different mathematical equations and program a random generator that will simulate real world problems. We plan to submit our project to a mentor and our sponsor for technical evaluation and then to a professor at New Mexico State University for assessment. After we figure out the problem, we will end the program with more complex code and added graphics.