AiS Challenge Team Abstract

Team Number: 004

School Name: Albuquerque Academy

Area of Science: Pathology

Project Title: Tracking Cancer Development and Movement

This project's purpose is to model and track cancer cell movement and propagation around a body. The cancer cells will start to develop in one local region of the body, though will eventually expand outward. Tracking these cells, whether individually or in groups, would easily require large amounts of memory and computing power. Each type of cancer is different, so instead of modeling a general cancer, a specific cancer will be modeled so a more accurate and detailed picture can be made. The cancer that we will model will be melanoma skin cancer.

We plan to use Microsoft Visual Basic to create the mathematical model. We also hope to create a visual type interface that will easily convey the information presented, and another interface that will allow the data to be used in other sorts of research.

This project will require large amounts of initial data to begin writing the program and an expert in the field may be required. A large component of this project will therefore be research; looking into what has been done in cancer research and learning if our model should be even more specific than the program we have outlined in this abstract.

Team Members

Sponsoring Teacher