The problem we are trying to solve is the mystery about the Bermuda Triangle. What we are trying to solve is why do many ships get swallowed into the Bermuda Triangle. Our theory is that the frozen methane under the Bermuda Triangle is some how connected to this problem. We are trying to find out how the methane gas affects the Bermuda triangle making it swallow all kinds of objects. We also want to figure out what happens to the people on the ships.

    This is important because we want to know what happened to the lost ships. People should know about things that are not really talked about. Also this way people can be careful when close to the Bermuda Triangle. Our purpose is to model how the methane gas sinks the ships in this particular place. We also want to model what happens to the people in the ship. They might sink with it. We hope to find out more about this.

    To work on this project we will research about the Bermuda triangle and how it's connected to the disappearance of more than 50 ships, in the past century, on this little part of the ocean. The methane gas is one of the theories of the disappearance of ships. These are unexplained theories. We will work on this project until we find the clues and the answers. We researched the Internet, went to the library, and even asked people what they thought about it and what should be done about it.