Team: Adam Carter, Aurelio Giannitti, and Javier Portillo
Area of Science: Physics
School: Clovis High School
Title: Before the Big Bang

Since man first reached sentience billennia ago, one thing has plagued the minds of many a thinker: just what did we all come from? As our ancestors evolved and their cognitive designs became more advanced, their theories of our origination -- our Universe's origination -- have evolved as well, from simple theological beliefs centred around natural spirits, to the modern, highly-complex scientific theories we hear about today like Super String Theory. We, like our primitive ancestors living in caves, hope to tackle this question with Super String Theory, and its entailing theories as our foundation, and hopefully expand the current capabilities in the mathematical modeling of these marveling creationary designs.

To tackle this monumentous task, the group hopes to converse with some of today's leading scientists, physicists, and computer programmers in hopes of gaining a grander understanding of both Super String Theory itself, and the kind of computational mathematics that will be required to accomplish the modeling of this advanced project. Then, with this new knowledge on hand, we will tackle the problem of designing the algorithms and programs necessary for modeling the intricacies of Super String Theory using C++ and Java, and in accompaniment of this, creating an animated visual presentation in Flash.