AiS Challenge Team Abstract

Team Number: 031

School Name: Los Alamos High School

Area of Science: Physics

Project Title: An Investigation into the Physics of Combustion and Efficiency



In our supercomputing project we plan to model the combustion within an engine. The model will be important because it will help us model more efficient engines that will make better use of fossil fuels. This project will have significant importance because it is necessary to utilize existing resources to protect the environment while better alternatives are developed. We intend to improve understanding of combustion and the variables that effect engine efficiency. Our project will be accomplished by researching combustion and factors that effect engine efficiency. For our project we will investigate all of the factors involved in combustion and its properties to better understand how to make an efficient engine. We will model the engine by changing variables that pertain to engine efficiency. The variables studied will be both chemical and physical in order to better understand important aspects involved in combustion to calculate and make models used to represent engine efficiency. To model this we will use computer models based on research pertaining to engine efficiency.

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