The problem that we chose is the statistical analysis of parallel code running on different systems, mostly for the comparison of communication; to show the difference between different systems, and what would be ideal communication. This problem is important because by the statistical analysis of intercommunication between nodes, we may be able to find a better way for nodes to communicate. The metric that our results will be compared against is the parallel efficiency. We plan to run the selected parallel code on at least two different large clusters. The test code that we are going to use a parallel code which comes from Oak Ridge National Laboratory called “Parallel Spectral Transform Shallow Water Model”. These clusters will most likely be Sandia’s supercomputers C-Plant and Feynman. Both of these supercomputers have a specialized interconnect called Myrinet. C-Plant is a scalable system with Alpha processors, and Feynman is a linux cluster with Xeon processors. The statistical analysis will be performed on runtimes, mostly the minimum, mean and standard deviation.