TEAM # O36  Melrose High School

Communicating With Heliographs

    Our Super Computing project is communication through the use of heliographs.  This is using the reflection of the sun off of mirrors to send messages. Conveying messages in this form could have changed history by the Apaches, by the British in Colonial wars, and by many others.  Its theory could be used today by sending messages to and from microwave transmitter towers.  We plan to assemble a heliograph and see how well it works.  We also want to calculate how the curvature of the earth and the heights of various mountain peaks will affect the line of site view throughout the nation.  We will include alternate paths for weather variations.  We want to calculate the most efficient path among alternate routes, so that our heliographs could transmit messages in a full path from coast to coast of the United States of America.


    Jamie Dickerman, Zanessa Dodd, Brynna Kos, Megan Sanders, Lauren Widner


    Alan Daugherty