D-B RANCH Our project is going to study the ecology of a ranch. The study is going to come from the research of famers, university scientist, and also enviromental studies. Many facts will also come from the actions of the weather based on our New Mexico weather enviornment. The project will have many factors and variables included in the study of this ranch. To be included are different kinds of animals, plants, the weather, and also humanity. Just depending on the actions of these different varieties of groups in what makes this project work. Computer Model This will help ranches determine the correct amount of cattle that a section can support. This will help the New Mexico Environmentalist Office also. Depending on the rainfall the Office will hbe able to put a correct limit of cattle in a section. IT will also help the Department of Game and Fish to lift hunting limits on state land to accelerate the efficency of grass uses. To calculate this projuct we will use the computer program called, Star logo. We will interview some farmers and ranchers who have worked with ranchers and grazing for the their inputs. We also plan to investigate some reliable university and environmental studies. Team members: KEVIN ESTES CALL BARNARD RAMON ARENIVAR DAYNA TREDWAY TEACHER: ALAN DAUGHERTY MENTOR: ALAN DAUGHERTY