Genetically Modified Plants                                                   My project is going to be on, how would Genetically modified plant or seed affect a non modified crop when they're growing with each other and cross pollinating. One example of doing this would be having 10 seeds that are Genetically modified and 90 that are non modified when they're growing with each other and are cross pollinating. When they have seeds harvest those and see what happens. Would the effects of the modified one with time make every plant have those genes? Would it affect if you had more or less modified seeds?Would the genes disappear?

Genetic Engineering is the newest technology around the globe and it's used to introduce a foreign gene into an organism. The way scientists use this in plants is to put a gene from an animal or human to make it sronger, pest resistant or to grow more food by using less land. This the way that scientists plan to cure world hunger and improve all of our food system. Many of these crops have not been yet approved for market sale and many people think it ruin all of our food system and these crops could turn into a "mounstrous" weed.  That's why I plan how good or dangerous they could actually be when they get mixed up with the "natural" plants.

Team Mates: Daniel  Loya                                                                                        Mr.Lee Bush                                                                                                School: Monte del Sol