Our initial project is to create a program that models world population with or without some historical events. We will take the population count from each year all the way down to 1950 for each country we can find. Then we will get mortality rates and reproduction rates for these countries. Then we will get historical events that had some effect on world population.These will include wars, epidemics and cures for epidemics. From this the user of our program will be able to select a historical event and country(s), and then have the computer predict what the world population would be like today country by country with or with out those events. Unfortunatly it creates a moral delema, where you have to say that war and disease is good, because overpopulation is bad. We feel that this project is important because not many people realise how little of a dent that wars and epidemics do. People hear 50million died and they cringe, but that is just a handful on the worlds scale. Basicaly we are trying to show "involintary population control".