Abstract Summary-Supercomputing Challenge 2004-2005 Team Christopher Morrison I. Question What problems would a fire in the Bosque pose to the environment and the people in it? II. Engineering goals 1. model fire correctly in the Bosque area taking into account for its spread using a. elevation b. ambient temperature c. precipitation d. fuel in an area/ brush tree density e. wind f. the river g. presence of fire/ forest inferno vs. campfire Also monitoring a. fire temperature/ heat produced by rapid oxidation b. smoke c. rate of fire consumption 2. Model human intervention in the fire taking into account for a. firefighters b. human presence c. evacuation d. speed and time of reaction 3.Model the project in relative time 4. Model the Rio Grande and its Bosque habitat correctly in a selected area taking into account a. the river b. tree area/bush area/weed area c. structures d. roads Note: more may be added or some may be deleted from list in interest of time achievability and viability to the project