MODELING VOLCANIC ERUPTIONS Purpose The purpose of this project is to predict the relationship between risks of volcanic eruption and proximity of human population. Windstorms, quakes and floods have been the most hazardous natural disaster to the economy. This research was found at the web site for the Hazard Research Centre by Bill McGuire, a professor at London College University. ( Problem Definition In the twentieth century volcanic eruptions took about 80,000 lives. The economy was not greatly affected. However the most costly eruption was the 1980 eruption of Mt. St. Helens. That costed almost 1 billion dollars. Recent eruptions have proved less costly to the economy. ( Plan of action Our first job is to create a model of a single volcanic eruption. This will require that we find research information and historical data on gas production and ground elevation related to volcanic events. We will create our program in star logo using sliders for CO2, ground movement and later on human population size and exit roads. If we can get our model to accurately represent the size of an eruption then we can relate that to how many people in the area would be able to successfully escape from the destruction