Team Number: 1006

School Name: SER Career Academy

Area of Science: Behavioral Science

Project Title: Analyzing Police Prevention of DWI in New Mexico

This project calculates and demonstrates that there are not enough police officers to battle the growing problem of DWI in New Mexico. We feel that by pointing out the lack of officers specifically assigned to the prevention of DWI, we can help find a solution to this and therefore we may be able to save lives. To solve the problem, we will create a computational model using StarLogo. We will have three agents in our model: police, drunk drivers, and common people. The drunks will be capable of killing off the agents representing the common people and themselves. The police will be capable of arresting the common people and the drunk drivers. The agentís actions will be based on statistics that we have gathered regarding New Mexico DWI rates, accidents, and prevention efforts by the police. We feel that if there were more police involved in DWI prevention, then there would be less fatal car accidents related to drunk driving.