AiS Challenge Team Abstract

Team Number:    065

School Name:      Shiprock High School

Area of Science:  Behavioral and Social Sciences

Project Title:        Gambling

The topic or our group project that we will use to participate is "Gambling". Gambling in our state is common thing here on the reservation. People gamble left and right and it has become quite a problem or somewhat a hazard. In some ways it could be a good thing and a bad thing. We will talk about the deals with gambling and others later on during our process.

Gambling in other words can be a habit. Sometimes a habit can be hard to break. Gambling is sort of like betting with money. It is an important issue because there are many casinos on the reservation, and we also hope to talk to some people and get there opinions. We hope to get many points out, and do other interesting things on this project. We hope to gat a lot of information and progress during the week passes. We hope to be prepared before the conference too.

Team Members

Sponsoring Teacher(s)