AiS Challenge Team Abstract

Team Number:    066

School Name:      Shiprock High School

Area of Science:  Earth and Space Sciences

Project Title:        Global Warming

The problem is that global warming is affecting our environment and earth. It is important because it can change our lives and earth's characteristics. Global Warming is melting our polar caps and increasing precipitation. This can throw off the balance of the earth. We hope to learn if the immediate area around Shiprock, NM has been affected by global warming. We will study the temperatures of today and compare them to the time before we had the APS, PNM, and LaPlata Power Plants. This will help us determine whether the greenhouse gases they emit have an effect of global warming. We will look for other sources that cause pollution that could be a factor. We will look at other variables such as annual precipitation, which would tie in with global warming. We would hope to inform our fellow students of our project results and prompt them to participate in reducing global warming.

Team Members

Sponsoring Teacher(s)