Team #   087

School: Taos Charter School

Area of Science: Physical Sciences (biology and psychology)

Project Title: Are you wired by coffee in mind and body?


What the problem is, the definition of the problem

Coffee has a variety of affects on humans both in physical and psychological ways. We plan to look at research that has been done on the effects of coffee on humans and conduct our own research by way of a profile and survey. We will make a series of conclusions by comparing our research to already established research on the affect of coffee on humans.

Why it is important, the purpose of the project or what results you hope to get.

This study is important because we can make a direct connection between previous research on coffee and its effects on the human body and actual results from people who drink coffee now. We are also going to study the psychological effects of overindulging in coffee drinking and the withdrawal symptoms when stopping coffee consumption. The study is important to us as young students in order for us to make intelligent decisions about coffee use as we move into adulthood. .

How you plan to work on it, plan of action or methods you hope to get.

We are going to create a web page that will have a profile for people to fill out about coffee consumption and personal characteristics. We will also have a questionnaire to be completed both before and after coffee consumption during a 12 hour period. We will recreate the results visually on the computer and using a simulation and star logo to depict individuals reactions to coffee consumption. We will conclude the study with healthy recommendations for coffee drinking.