Tic Tac Toe


The problem that this addresses is how to program a game to give a “learned” response. Teaching computers how to give various responses based on input from their environment has many uses in the world today.  On star is one example of how reactions to environmental conditions produce a particular response, although this is not a “learned” response.  Games are the most common place where people are trying to implement “learned” responses.



            The purpose of this project is to create an artificial intelligence Tic Tac Toe game opponent that we will be able to program to interact with the users. For each move the program will counteract the move and make a response depending whether good or bad.


Plan of Action:

1.)    Learn more about Tic Tac Toe and programming.

2.)    Find what moves would be considered “bad” and what moves would be considered “good”

3.)    Find responses for each move.

4.)    Find retaliation move for each move player makes.

5.)    Start the programming

6.)    Program in the responses.

7.)    Program in retaliation of computer.

8.)    Finish programming.

9.)    Work on Web Site

    10.) Work on Power Point Presentation.