Team Number: 002
School Name: Alamogordo High School
Area of Science: Physics
Project Title: The Photoelectric Effect

Problem Definition:
The Photoelectric Effect takes place when ultraviolet light hits a metal object. The theory states that when the ultraviolet light strikes a metal object, the electrons contained in the light will bounce off of the metal and then disperse. We are currently in the process of finding a way to graphically depict the Photoelectric Effect by demonstrating the dispersal of the electrons. Depending on the userís input, the program will show how the electrons scatter after hitting the metal object.

Our goal for this project is to develop a detailed, graphical method of demonstrating to the user how the Photoelectric Effect works by depicting the dispersal of the electrons.

Problem Solution:
The solution that we have developed involves a program written in Java code to create a model of the Photoelectric Effect. The program will first ask for the userís input and apply the inputted numbers in a random generator. This random number generator will in turn demonstrate a real world problem by graphically depicting the electrons as they bounce off the metal object.

Progress to Date:
The progress we have made on the project has been steady and constant. We are presently working on rewriting the Java code to make it more efficient and functional than the codes that we have previously written and are currently using. We are looking to employ a rather sophisticated model already in use to manipulate data that will represent what we are trying to demonstrate.

Expected Results:
The desirable end result is that the program works both efficiently and functionally. We plan to make it very graphical with as much detail as possible. The user inputs the information and is expected to have some knowledge of the Photoelectric Effect and know, to some extent, their intended outcome in order to judge the accuracy of the end result. After that, the program will then demonstrate to the user how the electrons are being dispersed after the ultraviolet light strikes the metal object and the amount of energy needed for that dispersal to occur.

Team Members: Jesus Lopez and Christopher Herrera
Sponsoring Teacher: Albert Simon