AiS Challenge Team Interim Report

Team Number: 012

School Name: Bosque School

Area of Science: Medecine

Project Title: Modeling AIDS Spread and Control in South Africa

Problem Definition:

 Our problem can be defined as attempting to model the spread of the AIDS virus in the country of South Africa. We originally planned to try and look at the effectiveness of different medications in treating this disease, however, upon a second glance, we discovered how difficult a proposition that would be. Now, we are taking on the challenge of trying to model the spread of AIDS, while isolating a few variables. Things such as age and gender are variations we are trying to separate, and decide if they have a major effect on the population that is currently effected by this virus.

Our Plan:

 Our plan, over the next few months, is still in the process of being formulated. Currently, we are trying to do research on our topic of AIDS. One of our members is trying to learn the finer points of Star Logo. The two remaining members are in the process of learning and typing information.

Progress To Date:

 Progress to date for our group has been slow, at the most. In these months we have been unable to find a mentor to help us in researching and programing. Being as we are new to this process, we were unsure of where to even begin this whole problem. Our faculty adviser could only help us so far. Until recently, when we finaly had a long awaited break through. At last, we found a mentor from Duke University, or Mr. David Edwards. However, the time that we spent in limbo, did reap some harvest. Conrad Greaves has been learning how to model our problem using Star Logo. Kelly Dickey and, I, Brynne Jojola, while dabaling in Star Logo, have spent most of our time researching this deadly spread of AIDS in Africa.

Expected Results:

 We hope to find, and learn more about the virus of AIDS and its effects on the people of South Africa. In the end, we would like to figure out a way to help slow this horrible epidemic that is plagueing under develomped countries and nations like ourselves alike. Also, after this project, we are hoping to be able to voice our findings to a higher source, or mainly a health organization helping to stop and prevent the further spread of the AIDS virus, so perhaps they may be able to act upon our findings.


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Team Members

Sponsoring Teacher


  • David Edwards