Team Number: 015 School Name: Capshaw Middle School Project: Hot Topic Problem Definition: Gossip; the leading source of seventh grade social information. Rumors are fruitful and can be heard at any corner of a middle school. What is said in the rumor can be passed from mouth to mouth very quickly depending on the interest level of the rumor. If there is a rumor about someone that’s interesting, everyone can know about it in less than a week. Rumors can be the thing that can bring you to the top of popularity or they can also be the thing that completely ruin your reputation. Problem Solution: We are going to model our project using Star Logo. One of the turtles will walk into the ‘school’ and tell the closest person and the two will walk around and tell everybody around them about this one rumor. The turtles will change colors weather they know about the rumor or not. They will also turn different shades depending on the interest level of the rumor. Some rumors may be more interesting to some people than others. They will turn different shades according to. The more interested they are, the faster they will move to the next turtle. Progress to Date: So far, we have done research on rumors. Both on the internet and in our own school. We monitor how rumors spread and how fast they get to the bottom of the social chain. When the least up-to-date people end up knowing the rumor, everyone knows and is continuously trying to find more information about that rumor and dig a little deeper until they have completely uprooted or blown the entire rumor out of proportion. Expected Results: We are expecting that the results will be different each time we run the program. Based on the interest level of the rumor, the speed will be different in each program. It might take longer to spread one rumor or another. The results will be very interesting and we will record the data we find. Team Members: Jessica Stultz Johanna Silver Thomas Abraham Silver Team Sponser: Makoena Simon. Team Resources: