Team Number: 020
School Name: Clovis High School
Area of Science: Astrophysics
Project Title: A Look at the Big Bang Theory

Project Description
We are going to take a look at what the Big Bang Theory is. We will state why we believe that the Big Bang Theory is just something that people have dreamed up and is an unbelievable strange explanation of how we got here. We disbelieve that a long time ago basically nothing exploded, and through time and chance we came to be. To us the Big Bang Theory is just a desperate attempt to explain the Universe.

Problem Solution
We plan to gather data that will prove the Big Bang Theory to make a model of it, and in turn when the model fails to show how all could be created. We would then have disproved the Big Bang Theory.

Progress to Date
We have started looking at some various sources of information. None have really given us any information that could be used to make a model. We hope we can find some useful information very soon, so we could get started on our model.

Expected Result
If our luck on finding useful data continues downhill like it has done from the start our result will be very disappointing to us. We hope that we can find enough information to make our model and get the expected result we are seeking. Our expected result is to make the model and trying to prove the Big Bang Theory and in turn actually disprove it.

Team Members: Steven

Sponsoring Teacher: Janelle Zamie