In our supercomputing project we are planning on modeling the efficiency of an engine. This will most likely be a model that represents a particular aspect of engine efficiency rather than the complete engine system's efficiency because modeling all aspects that affect engine efficiency would be prohibitively complex. However, we will be able to expand our project if possible due to other aspects that can be modeled. Our progress to date as of now has been somewhat limited due to a couple of problems with our project. At the time we chose to model engine efficiency we felt pressured to develop a model that would have both practical applications and be one that would model well using a computer. We decided on an engine model because we felt that it would have importance as far as practical applications go and would also have a variety of aspects that could be modeled on a computer. It has been more difficult than expected to come up with a feasible model than originally anticipated. Primarily we must make sure that the project can be modeled effectively by a computer. As of right now we are looking into modeling the actual chemical combustion that takes place within the combustion chamber and other models such as physical action within an engine.